Judy C.
This is the best laundromat we've ever used. The machines are excellent, every space is clean, you can get change from the change machine or use an app. The app will tell you what cycle your machine is in, allowing you to not be tied to the premises. (Although I had an excellent chai tea and breakfast sandwich at Beach Bums right next door, so I was close by.) The airplane chairs are very comfy and there are lots of stainless steel counters in which to fold laundry. Be sure to read the names of the machines while you are there! And bring your heaviest king-sized blankets because there are lots of extra-heavy-duty machines. So glad to find this place!
Jami J.
A true First class flight love the fact I can check the app to see if machines r busy!! Easy to access even when Tennant not on duty. hope this gem stays hidden